WebM is a new standard created by Google for delivery of video on the web.  It is a collection of established open technology and the newly opened VP8 video encoding format created by Google (formerly On2).  Many companies and organizations have gotten behind the WebM effort, and Entropy Wave proudly supports the collaborative work of new open video technology.

As a new technology, it can be a difficult to obtain all the pieces necessary for a successful creation and delivery of WebM content.  Entropy Wave has responded to the increased need for open video technology by making all of our products support WebM as a primary feature.

Live Streaming: The Entropy Wave E1000 Live Encoder supports WebM as one of the possible output streams.  Using the E1000, content creators can deliver live streams up to 720p in a variety of formats that cover almost all web browsers, media players, and mobile devices.

New Application Development: Developers can use the Media SDK to create WebM-ready applications, with playback, editing, and encoding features.

Custom Development: Companies turn to Entropy Wave for porting open video software to embedded platforms, solve performance issues, and customize for specific applications and environments.

Follow our blog for details about Entropy Wave’s WebM contributions and related developments, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about incorporating WebM into your company’s products.